Dating my car my strange addiction

11 Insane Addictions From ‘My Strange Addiction’ That Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Nicole, 31, is addicted to pony play. Pony play is a form of costume role play.

A year-old man who's addicted to eating plastic newspaper bags. Keisha is a year-old woman who is addicted to chewing on urine-soaked diapers. Some women have big boobs, but big, does not even begin to describe Lacey Wildd's unique bosoms. Lacey walks us through the unique abilities that her over-sized bust has provided her. Nicole is addicted to dressing up and acting like a pony, this is a form of role play called Pony Play.

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My Car is my Lover. Tune in to learn more about CIA attempts to kill Castro. Top 10 Most Shocking Season 6 Episode 7: For centuries rumors of Atlantis have inspired explorers around the globe. Are claims about this system exaggerated -- or is it watching you now? Kristie has eaten dirt every day for the last 30 years, consuming more than five tons since her addiction began.

Heather goes to the hardware store to find paint to feed her addiction to eating paint pens. Jennifer is addicted to eating mattresses. She has already consumed her entire mattress and has now moved on to eating her mother's mattress. Season three of My Strange Addiction delves even deeper into the human psyche to explore the odd things people will do to ease anxieties. Mary has taken her addiction to cat food to the extreme, consuming over cat treats and several cans of wet food every day.

Casie copes with her husband's sudden death by carrying around his urn and eating his ashes. Mary's addiction to cat food leads her to consume over cat treats and several cans of wet food every day. She can't help herself -- she just loves the crunchiness of the treats. Kailyn is only 18 years old, but she consumes a huge amount of plastic objects every day and even chooses it over food. Alicia has been addicted to smelling mothballs for 15 years, keeping them all over her house and even in her purse! Gloria is so obsessed with bleach that she takes a "bleach" bath every morning.

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She uses more than gallons a year. Nathaniel's psychotherapist fears that Nathaniel's intimate relationship with his car will harm him socially -- threatening not only friendships, but potentially his job as well. Mary has moved on to eating wet cat food and shares her snacks with her year-old cat.

Can't Stop Drinking Nail Polish.

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Nail Polish Is Like Shopping for the Perfect Dirt. Majorie Orbin, bored with her husband, has an affair with a body-builder she met at the gym. Billions of people around the world have little or no access to clean water, and experts believe this situation will only worsen.

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  • My Strange Addiction: Dad, I'm Dating My Car.

In fact, some analysts believe the next world war won't be over nukes or ideology, but, instead, a war over water. Theresa Caputo takes on some big questions, such as "Do Spirits Age? Tickle assists in the transportation of a new worm pipe for Tim's second barrel at the still site, but he runs into a bit of trouble along the way.

My Strange Addiction

Nathaniel comes clean to his father about his intimate relationship with Chase, a Chevy Monte Carlo. Shocked by the news, Nathaniel's Dad feels he might. year-old Nathaniel has been in a relationship with his car Chase for nearly five years, taking it out on dates, buying it gifts, and even getting intimate with it. Title: Dating My Car/Baby Powder Addiction (12 Feb ) Meanwhile, year-old Jaye has been addicted to snorting.

Tim explains why the cap is the most vulnerable part of a moonshine still and what could happen if the seal is unstable or breaks open. Tim goes to speak with a trusted member of the moonshine "Outlaw Brotherhood" about how to make his moonshining business legally legit. Was there a real Atlantis? For centuries rumors of Atlantis have inspired explorers around the globe. But was Atlantis ever real?

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Listen in to learn more about this fabled civilization and whether new research exposes any grain of truth within the legends. Tim and Tickle begin setting up their second still to increase production of moonshine. Bill and Jen's New Home. After going through the long process of building their dream home, Bill and Jen's house is finally completed. Delivering a pair of anitque polio braces to a customer becomes much more interesting when he volunteers to demonstrate a dangerous circus trick. Across the globe, institutions and governments struggle to supply humanity with clean water.

Sometimes these groups turn to private businesses for help. Advocates claim privatization works for the world's poor -- but critics tell a different story. Matt and Ben covered the controversial Commission on Presidential Debates earlier -- but there's still more info.

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Do corporate sponsorships influence the debates? Tune in to learn more. Who controls presidential debates?

Each election, audiences around the United States -- and the world -- tune in to watch the Presidential debates. No one denies that the debates are important, but why do some groups think the debates are corrupt? Over the span of human history numerous empires and city-states have collapsed.

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Often the circumstances of their demise remain mysterious. However, recent research may have shed some light on the collapse of several civilizations. Is TrapWire watching you? The surveillance system known as TrapWire hit the news when Wikileaks released emails from Stratfor, a private intelligence firm. But what is TrapWire, exactly?