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I chose him not to be my boyfriend, but, specifically, to lose my virginity to. If a boy could use girls, I figured, then I could use him. I saw him three times before I actually met him, and the fourth time, the last day of my junior year, he asked me out.

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We texted a lot and video-chatted before we saw each other again. His name was A. On our first date, at a Mexican restaurant, I found out he was He went to college and worked at a fast food place near my high school.

When do you graduate? We kept flirting and laughing and after we finished our food, we went to his apartment, which he shared with a roommate.

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Was he going to try something? Even though sex was my plan, I was scared. But the shorts did look more comfortable than my jeans, so I put them on.

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Check our permissions page for all other uses. I hope you understand. But what was below the surface was less and less cute. His name was A. Last week, the Olympic diver Tom Daley and his husband, Dustin Lance Black, announced they were expecting their first child.

We watched the movie Pineapple Express and during it he grabbed my chin to kiss me. This kiss consumed my entire body. I actually felt dizzy, just from kissing. I left feeling lucky. Our second date was a few weeks later. We hung out at his house again, and it was fine until he touched me high on my thigh.

Did he think I was easy?

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This was moving too fast. Those words and the way he looked at me made me feel like an object. If I had sex with him, would I become his property? My panic made me realize that maybe my virginity was important. My plan to be casual about it began to seem unrealistic.

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Judging him from his appearance, I figured A. But I was wrong.

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After we had sex, he called, video-chatted, and texted a lot. It was strange to me.

He showed me off to his friends, put his arm around me in public, kissed me goodbye, and even wanted to introduce me to his mom. He surprised me with designer clothes he bought for me. I showed him off too. But what was below the surface was less and less cute.

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When he wanted to have sex, I was supposed to want to do it too. He assumed that I belonged to him whenever for whatever. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I looked nice and that he liked my outfit. Then we started walking to his house. A text from my friend Kevin popped up on my iPhone screen, so I unlocked it and wrote back.

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And what the f-ck does he want? I took the phone back, but A. I picked it up and tried to shove him, but he caught my arm and squeezed it hard, forcing me to walk with him. He let me go after a couple of minutes and I ran in the opposite direction, furious. He screamed and ran after me. I was starting to see a scary side of him, but it was like A. When I got mad, his smile and his green eyes could win me over.

The following 2 users would like to thank peachy for this useful post: Eire , Swiss Cheddar. Further to your committed interest in women as a hobby, you are not doing yourself any favours here, you know that don't you? The first thing to do, when in a hole, is to stop digging. Her English is not great The following 2 users would like to thank DaveA for this useful post: Speed-Dating sounds to me exactly the opposite of what Swiss-Dating is about.

How about speed-dating with a duration of about 6 weeks? That reminds me of a quote from "Flight of the Conchords", where Brett is depressed as he can't maintain a relationship. Speed dating is fun! And I had a speed boarding at night once I presume it was a one-night-stand? You might want to consider to wear one of these: Posting Rules You may not post new threads.

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